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Very Helpful!

I was very pleased with Thomas. Not many lawyers are willing to challenge the city of Rockville, GA, but Thomas did and was able to get all charges dismissed in my son’s case. He was also very willing to work with me and my budget as I could not afford an expensive attorney. Thomas is very hardworking, passionate and personable. He provided my son books while waiting on trial so that he fully understood the process and my son knew what to do and what to say when the time came. We were very satisfied with the outcome and I would certainly recommend Thomas to anyone who is looking for a criminal defense attorney in the area.

- (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer!!!

He’s a great lawyer. I was able to contact him when I needed to and he did EXACTLY what he said he was going to do!! He got my case dismissed. Thanks Thomas Robinson!!!

- (5 star review)


I worked for Mr. Robinson while studying for the bar. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience on both sides of the aisle. I learned a great deal from Mr. Robinson and continue to refer my clients in need of criminal law expertise to him. I endorse this lawyer.


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